Protect your portfolio with Risk-Wrap

Risk-Wrap is much more than an alert system or a portfolio monitor.  It's a concrete investment program that automatically reduces market exposure in volatile markets, helping protect investors from catastrophic losses.

Real Protection

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a protected portfolio

Institutional Caliber

Add institutional caliber protection without the high costs associated with typical advanced investment strategies 

Fully Transparent

Every Risk-Wrap position is reflected in your account so you always know what's involved and how it's performing

Don't wait until it's too late

Some portfolio protection programs send alerts after losses have already occurred, leaving the investor the difficult choice of staying in the market or cashing out.  Other programs use stop loss orders that leave it up to the investor to figure out when to get back in the market.  Most investors don't make the right decisions in these emotional situations.  Risk-Wrap takes discretion out of the equation.  Carry on with the confidence of knowing your risk is limited in any market environment.

How does Risk-Wrap work?

Risk-Wrap uses options the way they were intended: as insurance-like products to protect investors from adverse market moves.  Unlike stop loss orders that close out your positions to reduce further losses, Risk-Wrap protects from losses by always having a hedge in place that pays off when the rest of the portfolio is experiencing losses.  This helps investors to stay the course and keep their core positions in the market.  And unlike alerts, Risk-Wrap is more than a warning that leaves you with the uncomfortable choice of stopping the pain or hoping the worst is over.

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